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Host a Spring Event!

Celebrate the turn of the season with a baby shower, tea party or fun brunch. Find some tips for a successful April showers to bring May flowers gathering:

Offer One-Bite Finger Foods

By offering one- or two-bite finger foods, you accomplish several helpful objectives. You eliminate the need for plates and flatware – reducing both your cost and the amount of trash your party creates.

You’ll also be able to offer more variety for your guests. As a general rule, plan for five to six different foods and two of each item per guest. That will average out – some guests will eat more, some less – to plenty of food for your guests, even if you hold your event near mealtime.

Spread the Spread Around Your

To keep the party flowing, place food stations or platters scattered throughout the space. Your guests can grab interesting looking items as they pass by or as they chat nearby.

By spreading the offerings around the room, you can help avoid the logjam that tends to build up if you offer your food all in one location. You’ll also discourage the reclusive plate pilers and help ensure you have food available throughout the event.

Vary Your Food Offerings

The likes and dislikes of your guests will be varied and, in many cases, dietary restrictions will be a consideration. Be sure to offer a variety of items so everyone has plenty to eat, even if they can’t eat everything.

Start by talking to the mom-to-be about her dietary restrictions. Chances are, she won’t be able to eat certain foods like soft cheeses, some types of fish, any raw or undercooked fish, meat or eggs, etc. Use your judgment but, if she’s restricted from anything she particularly loves, you may want to consider not including those items in your menu out of consideration.

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