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Top Catering Trends in the New Year

Sam’s Spot Catering constantly thrives to be at the forefront of culinary and catering trends. We are always in search of unique delectable-looking dishes and innovative displays. With that said we wanted to share what we are seeing when it comes to the top catering trends. Whether you’re getting married, celebrating a birthday or hosting an experiential corporate event you’re going to want to see these top catering trends in the new year.

1. Increase in flexitarian and vegetarian-focused options: The seasonal nature of produce means that eating by season is the freshest way to serve your guests. Make use of nature’s bounty to delight your guests. Many clients are opting for completely plant-based focused menus with vegetarian risotto a popular dish even for carnivores. Other ideas include giving sushi a vegan makeover with butternut squash, beet and cucumber pieces atop sesame quinoa sushi rice for an elegant, colorful and healthy bite.

2. Curated mocktails are having a moment: All ages are able to enjoy these delectable creations. A great summer option is the Watermelon “Nojito” featuring watermelon and fresh mint mixed with lime juice and soda water.

3. Nostalgic dishes: We all love a dish that reminds us of happy times and putting a spin on old time comfort foods is a way to elevate the experience. By way of example a delicate bite of chicken and waffles is a client favorite. Continuing the comfort food trend is refashioned Beef Wellington into perfectly-portioned bites. And a mom-classic idea being mini grilled cheese and tomato soup.

4. Themed events: Following a fun theme such as a Hawaiian dinner party is a fun and vibrant way to celebrate with dishes popping with color and flavor.

5. Boards go handheld: Buffets and similar spreads have moved to handheld fare. Crudité and charcuterie being served in creative cup solutions are a convenient way to munch and mingle. This pretty pink veggie and dip hors d’oeuvre was a glamorous serving at an all pink baby shower.

6. Jaw dropping champagne displays: Champagne towers and walls are popular ways to serve this celebratory drink

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